FairEmail v1.538 (Unreleased) [Pro]

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FairEmail v1.538 (Unreleased) [Pro]
Requirements: 5.0 and up
Overview: This email app might be for you if your current email app

This open source, privacy friendly email app might be for you if your current email app:

* takes long to receive or to show messages
* can manage only one email address
* cannot handle a large number of messages
* cannot show conversations
* cannot work offline
* looks outdated
* is not maintained
* stores your email on their servers
* is closed source, potentially violating your privacy

This app is minimalistic by design, so you can concentrate on reading and writing messages.

This app starts a foreground service with a low priority status bar notification to make sure you’ll never miss new email.

Main features:

* 100 % open source
* Multiple accounts (inboxes)
* Multiple identities (outboxes)
* Unified inbox
* Flat conversation threading
* Two way synchronization
* Offline storage and operations
* Move across accounts
* Battery friendly
* Low data usage
* Small (~6 MB)
* Material design
* Maintained and supported

Pro features:

* Account/identity colors
* Notifications per account (requires Android 8 Oreo or later)
* Notifications with message details (requires Android 7 Nougat or later)
* Notification sound per sender (requires Android 8 Oreo or later)
* Snooze messages
* Send messages after selected time
* Synchronization scheduling
* Reply templates
* Filter rules
* Search on device or server
* Keyword management
* Encryption/decryption (OpenPGP)
* Export settings


* Quick setup
* Easy navigation
* No bells and whistles
* No distracting “eye candy”


* No data storage on third party servers
* Safe message view (styling, scripting and unsafe HTML removed)
* Confirm opening links, images and attachments
* No special permissions required
* No advertisements
* No analytics and no tracking
* No Google backup
* FairEmail is an original work, not a fork or a clone


* IMAP IDLE (push messages) supported
* Built with latest development tools and libraries

If you have a question or problem, please check here first:

What’s New:

* Added mark read and move thread options to move rule
* Added send notification channel
* Small improvements and minor bug fixes
* Updated translations

● Pro Features Unlocked

This app has no advertisements

More Info: Mod By Stabiron
Code: Select allhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=eu.faircode.email
Download Instructions:


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